we build software

Welcome to Priou.

Hi! You're probably wondering what Priou does. Well, Priou builds software and provides consultation services. Based in London, we have 15 years of experience building and maintaining systems in a variety of industries (with an emphasis on finance). We've been involved since early on in .Net. We love the web and always have. We're passionate about open source; we build it and we use it.

If you need a system built, we may be able to help you! Get in contact and let's see.


Priou believe in using technologies that makes our lives easier. We combine that with excitement in the ever changing world of software. Over time we've worked with more technologies than it makes sense to list. So here's a selection of some of those that we've been using particularly lately that have helped us deliver software to our customers faster:

  • C# / ASP.Net (MVC / Web API) / ASP.Net Core
  • SQL Server / Entity Framework
  • JavaScript / TypeScript (we're involved with the Definitely Typed project)
  • React / Angular

Support or Contact

You can reach us here.